HEP - Youth Camps 2023-24

jeudi 2 novembre 2023

Annelies BILLIET

Please find herewith the overview of camps  


1/ Camp fee (see overview - costs depend to camp) to be paid by participant to the host district

2/ Administration cost of 150€ to be paid by participant to the sponsor district

3/ Administratiecost of 150€ to be paid by sponsor club to the sponsor district

Application form:

see below

#CountryCamp NameDatesAgeFeeMax#AvailableInvitation
1TaiwanSun Moon Lake Winter Camp26/12/2023-08/01/2024


2TaiwanCulture & Tour Camp 202419/07/2024-02/08/202418-25900$20yesmore
3TaiwanExplore Taiwan Cycling Camp11/07/2024-30/07/202416-20800$25yesmore