FRIED RINGOOT and VICTOR the I Feeeeeel Good doll.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 21:00, ONLINE,, 0000 Worldwide, Belgium

Fried Ringoot 

  • Arlen BIESIADA

Hello friends,

I am Victor and I have a greenish-red ball on my cap.

Usually when my ball is green, I feel good.

I feel happy or cheerful. I feel like going crazy or I

feel very calm, I laugh and have a good time.


Sometimes my pellet is red. Then I don't feel good. I

am afraid or angry. I am bored. I can't sleep or I

am sick. I feel alone or I'm sad.


It would be nice if every child had a ball like this. Then

mom, dad, the teacher, the teacher or someone else.

what you are feeling. I can help you with that and

that is why I would like to be your talking buddy.


How are you feeling right now? Green or red? Show me by

my little ball.

Green greetings,




I Feeeel Good !


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