Develop self confidence and radiate trust for effective leadership, using the Tree of Life methodology.

Dienstag, 2. April 2024

A leader is a person who drive others: the followers, towards a common goal with the ability to bounce back and move forward challenges and adversity.

Effective leadership has many dimensions and an important one os Authenticity.

Then comes the question ….as a Leader am I ….

-      Inspiring trust to followers ?

-      Radiating self-confidence ?


The purpose: of the session is to answer these questions with sincerity and deep reflection using a methodology called “Tree of Life”.

The deliverable is to effectively pitch yourself so that the companies compete for your skills , and take the opportunity to explore new perspectives and uncover hidden potentials within yourself.


Tree of Life methodology is based on a metaphor to explore yourself, through your vision of yourself and also what you inspire to others.